When a new year arrives, it brings with it a sense of hope and optimism. Hanging up a new calendar in your house gives you a feeling of a new opportunity and a fresh start to set things right if they haven’t been in the past and to develop new concepts that can prove to be beneficial in different ways.

The problem is that at first sight of trouble, most people crawl back to their safe zone and remain in their unchanging state, lacking any form of evolution, progress, or self-betterment. But you can always be the one to see the fault in that and seek the change. You can be a better version of yourself if you decide to be better and act on it. With these helpful tips surrounding the topic of New Year’s goals, you’ll definitely be able to do so.

Write Down Your Goals and Frequently Reassess Them

When it comes to undocumented goals, they are destined to be thrown in the abyss of oblivion. Having no incentive to remind of why you wake up every morning is the reason behind that. That’s why writing your goals down isn’t enough. They need to be written down somewhere where you can see them on a regular basis. This way you can always review your development and reassess your choices.


  • Display your resolutions on your computer and/or Smartphone wallpaper
  • If you have specific goals that demand a level of accountability to be achieved, you should pin them to your fridge. Just make sure they’re the kind of goals you don’t mind anyone else seeing.
  • Also, stick your desired goals to your bathroom mirror so that you’ll see them every time you wake up and every time you prepare for bed.

Have Different Goals That Concern Distinct Aspects of Your Life.

Most of us may be most interested in stabilizing their financial state and improving on it, but setting up goals in other different aspects can help you see improvements on every personal level thanks to a ripple effect that echoes touches every corner of your life.


  • Financial goals
  • Fitness and health goals
  • Psychological and spiritual goals
  • Job goals
  • Private relationships goals

Make Sure That Your Goals Are Reasonable and Tangible

We can all dream of being rid of financial obligations like debts, losing a ridiculous amount of fat and getting some muscle volume, and finding an easier job with double the payment. But you also have to think reasonably of what you can accomplish in the span of 12 months. So, before you set your goals in stone, assess the possibilities and determine the reasonable goals that can be achieved.


  • Reassessing your resume and searching online for jobs that fit your skill set.
  • Dedicating a small amount of money monthly to pay a small debt.
  • Replacing bad food habits with healthier and acceptable ones (less sugary midnight snacks, more greens, and fruits)
  • Spending more time in the gym or hitting it more often by consuming the right pre-workout.

Set Measurable Goals

The best kind of goals are the goals that keep you motivated. No goal does this better than a goal that can be built up and measured throughout the journey. Noticing your progress will keep you motivated and always reaching for you heights to attain.


  • Tidying up the house for a short period after every dinner instead of having to clean everything up at once when it’s a mess.
  • Inviting a friend for coffee every other week to keep in touch with everyone.
  • Sitting down to have breakfast with the family to share more time with them.

Make Goals That Can Be Achieved by Pairs

One of the reasons that New Year’s goals die out so easily and quickly is that each one of us keeps them privately to themself. This means the process can be too dull to accomplish and when we reach the point of failure, we feel no responsibility towards anyone to try a bit harder before giving up. Having a partner in your quest can fix both of these issues.

Getting someone to join you in the experience can also make things fun. And having another person counting on you as you rely on them to reach the endpoint makes you feel a sense of responsibility to continue and not give up.


  • Agree with a friend to give the neighborhood kids educational experience.
  • Decide with the help of your spouse to check your kids’ homework or read them bed stories.
  • Go with a friend of yours to the local gym or health club as you set a fitness challenge for yourselves to lose some weight and get fit.

Achieving Goals Warrants Self-Rewarding

Of course, the point of every goal is to get certain payoff. Now sometimes, this pay off can be a sentimental or a psychological one. Feeling to superior to your old self is always enough. But a tangible payoff can help you set your feet more in-depth into the ground at the level you have reached. It can keep you motivated and excited to keep on improving upon yourself. Just be sure that the reward you choose doesn’t oppose any progress you’ve made. Reaching financial stability should not be rewarded with an expensive brand new car.


  • Put some cash into savings each time you scratch a debt off your list. At the end, you can treat yourself with something nice of the collected savings.
  • Give yourself a well-deserved nap each weekend after achieving a set number of goals
  • Go out on a movie night with your friends after getting through a fitness challenge.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the goals that you set for yourself will only be reasons for you to be better and ultimately happier and more satisfied with your life. The key here is to always find that incentive and motivation to keep pushing your limits. Always be determined and always be willing to rise up to the challenge.