Exams and stress are nearly inseparable. As final exams approach, students start suffering from bad concentration, sleepless nights, due tasks, uncompleted research pages, and other educational elements that build up stress in your body and force you to exhaust all your mental and physical resources and abilities.

If you want to get high grades and hold to your “high achiever” status, finding new ways to stimulate your body and boost your energy during exams period becomes a necessity, especially if coffee, tea, and soft drinks have no effect on your system. That’s where energy drinks intervene as a way for you to boost your performance and make your mind and body work at full capacity when you need them the most.

Students have been adding energy drinks to their diet during exam periods for years, relying on the caffeine intake in these beverages to peak their productivity and boost their energy.

The thing is, what works for someone may not work for the other, so you cannot jump on a particular energy drink just because a friend recommended it. Get the right energy drink for you, and you’ll get the grades you crave. Gulp the wrong one, and you’re bound to ruin both your health and your school marks.

When choosing the right energy drink, you need to calculate the dosage of your need while keeping the different ingredients into consideration, as every brand has its own perks and purposes. Our wide selection of flavors makes the who choice a lot easier, as you can get whatever suits your taste, whether it be Cranberry, Cola, Tonic, Lime, or even Sugarfree for those on a diet.

Still not convinced? Here are the top five scientifically-proven benefits of energy drinks for students looking to get their best performance during the exam night:

1. Energy Drinks Boost the Whole Body’s Performance

Energy drinks aren’t just for bodybuilders as many people tend to believe, as they can stimulate one’s mental and physical performance.

How, you may ask? By stimulating the nervous system and triggering acute neural benefits such as anti-fatigue, focus, and alertness, thanks to the different effects of the various ingredients.

Caffeine, as most people know, is the main ingredient in energy drinks, and it’s a powerful stimulant that works by blocking sleep-inducing adenosine receptors, thus improving the efficiency of the dopamine system and triggering adrenaline release throughout the body. Caffeine doesn’t stop the fatigue, but it works on covering its symptoms, thus giving you an energy boost.

We recommend gulping down a can of Sugar-Free Red Bull or Monster Energy Drink in the breaks between tests and exams so restore your energy and improve your concentration. The safest caffeine intake would be up to 400 mg per day for a healthy adult. We highly encourage sticking to that limit to avoid any potential side effects.

2. Energy Drinks Increase Power

When you’re passing your exams, you need to get all the nutrients your body needs for you to give your full performance. B vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, etc. are just to name a few. Getting these nutrients from food can take a lot of time though, which is a luxury you can’t afford since you’re busy with your books most of the time. Thankfully, you can get your daily need of vitamins, such as B6 and B12, and amino acids, such as taurine, and ginseng, from a can of Monster Energy Drink

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Not only can these amino acids increase the effectiveness of heart muscle contractions and therefore improve the blood flow throughout the body, but they also come with no side effects as any excess will be flushed away by your body.

3. Energy Drinks Stimulate Alertness

Energy drinks contain sugar or glucose, which is the brain’s primary fuel. Consuming a can of your favorite energy drink can boost your concentration, improve your memory, and stimulate awareness, which are things that any student aspires to achieve during exam nights.

Keep in mind that consuming too much sugar can wreak havoc on your body and lead to severe consequences such as obesity and tooth decay, so make sure to drink your energy drinks within the safe, healthy limits.

4. Energy Drinks Boost Performance for Longer Periods

Caffeine, sugar, and other energizing ingredients can stimulate both the brain and muscles, thus increasing strength and endurance, which is something that students seek during long exam nights.

According to a 2010 study, moderate acute doses ranging from 200 to 350 mg of caffeine can decrease heart rate, increase blood pressure, trigger feelings of well-being, and improve concentration.

Furthermore, taurine, an amino acid that most energy drinks, including ours, contain, has been proven to boost physical endurance, stimulate the left hemisphere to improve the brain performance, and prevent disease, which is why it’s known as the wonder molecule in the scientific community.

5. Energy Drinks are Student-Friendly and Convenient

What gives the edge to energy drinks over other energizing beverages and foods is their instant availability. As soon as you start feeling drowsy and tired, you can gulp down a can of Sugar-Free Red Bull to get going with your studies. No need to brew or heat anything, which makes them the ultimate ready-to-drink caffeine delivery product.

Besides, they are highly refreshing, something that students of all ages like in beverages. Next time the exam period approaches, make sure to fill your fridge with enough energy drink cans of your choice for the whole testing period. You won’t regret it.

Final Thoughts

Energy drinks are a great product that can boost both your mental and physical performance, making them one of the top beverages for athletes, bodybuilders, and students going through their final exams.

Keep in mind that due to the nature of their ingredients, energy drinks can be a two-edged blade, and what was once an excellent source of energy can turn into a health nightmare. So, make sure to calculate your needs and consume these beverages within the safe health limits.

What are you waiting for? Get your books, grab a can of your favorite energy drink, and make your parents proud!