People’s New Year’s resolutions vary a lot when it comes to things like exercise, losing weight, and consuming healthier food, but one cannot deny the benefits of such goals when executed properly.

However, most people fail to follow through their resolutions because they’re too general or non-specific. That’s where science comes in handy. It can produce more specific resolutions that’ll most certainly help you boost the chances of a successful life transformation for the better.

This article includes some of the best resolution ideas that are backed by science. Some concepts have to do with diet, some with fitness, and other with boosting your productivity and improving your health in general. And as a result, they’ll all probably end up maximizing your happiness level.

Solving Your Sleeping Schedule Will Help You Eat Healthier, Lose Weight, And Most Importantly, Feel Better

Continuous studies show that getting decent amounts of sleep facilitates avoiding craving unhealthy foods, keeps off excess weight, and is key to having good psychological health.

Sleep is also helpful on the long run as a number of studies that were published in 2017 have shown that people with highly disrupted sleep patterns had higher levels of proteins associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s in the brain. “You really can’t live normally with six or seven hours of sleep a night. Most people need an average of eight hours a night at least in order for their bodies to function properly,’’ says Matthew Walker, a sleep expert and author of the book “Why We Sleep.”

One way to enhance your sleep is to follow a strict pattern. In other words, you should be going to be and getting up in the morning simultaneously. In addition, you should try to improve your sleep environment, and avoid looking at any electronic devices for at least half an hour before you go to bed, or even longer. If you’re someone who suffers from insomnia, there are a lot of science-based tips to solve that out there too.

The Importance of Movement

Most people start their year with resolutions that are solely based on doing more exercises, and that’s a good thing. Working out is probably as important as fixing your sleeping schedule when it comes to transforming your life for the better as it provides a massive list of both mental and physical health benefits. It will enhance your heart health, your sleep, your sex drive, and enhance your mood.

Recent studies have also shown that training may actually help keep your brain young, in other words, it fights cognitive impairment and drastically improves your memory.

Pump Your Workouts with a Good Pre-Workout

If your training sessions are shorter than they should be, consider consuming a good pre-workout before hitting the gym. Research shows that the caffeine and vitamins used in energy drinks make them a solid candidate for the title of the best pre-workout, so maybe you should fill your fridge with them.

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Morning Cardio

Not everyone can squeeze in a morning workout due to busy schedules for example, but if you happen to be someone who can, then do it as soon as possible. Experts say that a bit of morning exercise will get your heart going and expose you to some crucial morning sunlight. The latter will trigger your circadian rhythm, which will ensure an energetic day and an easier sleep.

Cardio, for many experts, is the ultimate form of exercise, as it includes a multitude of different benefits that come from exercising in general, like losing weight for example.

To push yourself to actually wake up early in the morning and get your daily dose of exercise, experts recommend adding a friend in the mix for a touch of competitiveness that’ll definitely motivate you to never miss your workout.

Make a Wise Pick

The mistake that most people make is picking a resolution that they probably will end up abandoning either early in the year or down the road. That’s why experts recommend you to deeply think about a type of exercise that you’re inevitably going to stick to, without any interruptions, throughout the whole year.

In other words, you should seek an activity that’ll benefit your body and your brain and make sure that it’s something that you’ll enjoy doing for days to come. It can be running, swimming, or even rock climbing. Maybe soccer or basketball, as sports like these require extra workouts before playing the actual games.

A Healthy Diet Is Key

Since the dawn of nutrition-related science, studies have always proven how sugar is the one key component that you should avoid in every diet. As it is heavily linked to heart conditions and diseases and will consequently increase the overall risk of death.

One important diet that you could follow is the DASH diet, for example, which is basically avoiding foods with high sodium levels and switching from red meats and sugary foods to lean proteins, whole grains, and produce. You can also stick to the simple approach of avoiding any overly processed foods and sticking with what people usually call “real food.”

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

Another healthy resolution would be to exclude sodas and any other sweetened beverages from your regime. Research has proven that most of people’s sugar intake comes from the stuff they drink. Scientists in 2017 have gotten their hands on data that indicates that sugar consumption increases the risk of getting cancer and heart issues.

As for booze, being moderate is the best you can do. A number of studies have shown that having a moderate alcohol consumption is usually associated with a lower risk for diabetes or suffering from a cognitive decline.

The only drinks that you should probably keep drinking are coffee as it’s usually associated with better health (but make sure to use as little sugar as possible in your coffee), and good energy drinks, such as sugar-free Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar, as they can boost your energy during both your workouts and your afternoons in the office.

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Take More Breaks

Many people, workaholics included, neglect the idea that humans have limits. There happen to be instances where continuous work is necessary, no one can deny that, but you shouldn’t also ignore the fact that you can’t really do that every time.

To cut it short, you should always get up and do something else when you feel like your energy is running low. Plus, nowadays, research has proven that your body will be in a better state in the long run if you work lesser hours every week.

Start Reading

Many studies have shown that reading, in addition to being a fun and easy way to pass the time, is beneficial for you on the psychological level. It also helps you to empathize well with others and become an overall better person. Set a goal, maybe a book every month, or even each week, depending on how much you’re interested in reading.

Enjoy Your Life to the Fullest

It can sometimes feel like we have a plethora of tasks to complete ahead of us, leaving us little to no time to relax. And while it is crucial that you finish most of these somewhat obligatory tasks, studies have shown that individuals who value their time well and decide on things thoughtfully are usually happier than the others.

“One of the many reasons why people feel like they have no free time these days is their attachment to their phones and computers, yes, it’s that simple,”

Psychologist Adam Alter in a 2017 TED Talk.